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Habib Meftah


Habib Meftah Boushehri (born in Boushehr in 1978), professionally known as Habib Meftah aka Habiboo, is a singer and composer and one of the most well-known Iranian percussionists worldwide. He has collaborated with numerous artists around the world such as Le Trio Joubran, Adnan Joubran, Titi Robin, and Azam Ali (Niyaz). This sound artist taught himself how to play.

At the age of ten – he was already playing traditional flutes – he started playing percussion instruments. His versatility is based on the traditional musical culture of his southern Iranian origin. He debuted as a solo artist in 2005 with the album Deyzangeroo. Habib’s second solo album Shibaali was released in 2020. He currently resides in Paris.

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