For years, the idea of creating a quartet ensemble was developed, researched, and modularized by Hooman Khalatbari. In 2020, it was officially introduced, and after less than a year, in 2021, Shoosh Ensemble was successfully formed.
Shoosh ensemble is an instrument-oriented group, that includes piano, fiddle (kamancheh), percussion, and double bass. Sometimes, the group is accompanied by a guest musician or a singer.

This ensemble does not prioritize any of the many instruments, each instrument has an independent presence and characteristic, and their combined sound results in a harmonic strain. The homeland of Shoosh Ensemble is world music, fusion music, and experimental music – with a touch of Middle Eastern rhythms.
Piano, fiddle, and double bass instruments create melodic and harmonic lines whereas percussion instruments perform the rhythm and non-melodic tunes.


Hadi Pakravan