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Hooman Khalatbari


When Hooman Khalatbari was appointed music director of the Opera Production of the International Classic Festival at the Castle in Kirchstetten (Austria), he eventually moved to the front row of the young conductors in the Western classic world. But even before, the Iranian–Austrian conductor and musician was not unknown. From 2014 to 2016 he was the Principal Conductor of The Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra and since 2016 he is the Honorary Conductor of the music group Virtuosi Brunenses.

Hooman Khalatbari is a dynamic young conductor, intensely musical, technically consummate, and detailed in his preparation and rehearsals. In concert, he radiates on the podium and has a special talent for sharing his admiration of music with his audience. With an Oriental heritage and European training steeped in the Viennese tradition, Khalatbari is particularly noted for his performances of classical and Romantic Central European symphonic repertoire. He is a popular and very well-known artist and has over 1.4 million fans and followers on FB and Instagram.

He is also passionate about innovative concert formats and the performance of contemporary music. Hooman Khalatbari has appeared on TV, CD productions and premieres of Schwarze Erde by Klaus Huber/Theater Basel, Dry Clean Show by W. Mitterer at Steirischen Herbst/Graz, Pollicino by H.W. Henze at Next Liberty/Graz, Agleia Federweiss by G. Kuehr at Next Liberty/Graz and Peter Pan by W. Hiller at Next Liberty/Graz.
Off the podium, he is sincere, warm, and approachable. A natural communicator, Khalatbari is fluent in German, English, and Farsi.

The Young Conductor finished his study at the University of Music and Fine Arts in Graz/Austria and graduated with honors in choir conducting and orchestral conducting.
Mr. Khalatbari attended master classes given by D. Russell Davis, I. Fischer, T. Christian David, Z. Mehta, W. Bozic, A. Tamayo, and R. Huber, to name only a few. During 1988 and 1996, he was the assistant conductor of the Tehran Symphonic Choir and Orchestra.

From 1993 – 96, he assisted at BCC Choir and Orchestra and at the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra at the Austrian Cultural Institute in Tehran.


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